About Us

hu-r wee


learning a little bit about who Samphire are before working with us.


making sure that someone fits the bill in terms of a successful working relationship.

In 2017, Denise had been heading up the Media Team for a full service digital agency for 7 years and while she loved the company, she didn’t love the time spent in meetings, the corporate admin or big company politics.

So she setup a marketing company with the ambition of doing work she loved, with a small group of people and for clients she genuinely liked working with. Meetings and admin are always necessary of course, but politics can always be kept to a minimum.

And so Samphire was born. Named for the opportunities to forage for exciting tidbits in her adopted county of Norfolk, what started as a one (wo)man agency has grown to having 8 brilliant staff members and a portfolio of fabulous clients, in industries from Casino to Health Services and channels from SEO to email marketing and everything in between.

We have a clear vision of our future company and client base. We don’t want to grow into a huge company and start delivering processes by rote. Automation is great where its appropriate but not at the expense of hands on inspired marketing and SEO activity on a website. That means we’ll keep things small enough to have a genuine relationship with our clients, always have the staff who work on projects in the appropriate meetings and, at some stage, close our books to new clients.