exceptional Project Manager who can handle the most awkward of Social Media scenarios with aplomb.

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A variant of Almera, feminine of Elmer meaning noble or famous, the Arabic feminine meaning ‘majestic lady’

With an undergrad in Mass Communication and a Master’s in Marketing and Management, it’s no surprise that Almeera fitted into the team straight away when she joined us in 2020.

She spends much of her time assisting clients with social responses and dealing with high volumes of review and social comments, coordinating with linguists across the world to deliver in-language support. As a native Urdu speaker she’s well versed in international languages and is soon going to be able to say “how can we help you” in pretty much any!

She also works with our SEO clients analysing and optimising with the best of them.

She loves being outdoors and is always up for a spontaneous adventure, but when she really wants to chill out. Her favourite thing to do is go shopping and eat at McDonalds.

What clients say about Almeera

Almeera is awesome, loving the results for our site and the new ideas she brings to the table every time we talk!

What her colleagues say about Almeera

She’s just so organised – she handles all the clients and linguists and never loses her cool

What Almeera says about working @ Samphire

It’s an exceptional team – just don’t catch us during our foosball session as you’ll be scared!