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Social Media Management

So-SHUL Mee-dee-AH Man-age-MENT

managing organic activity on social media channels, especially in response to queries or complaints, to present a positive and on-brand view of the company and products. Increasingly also includes management of reviews left across the web.


customer service, reputation management, organic social

The majority of customers expect to be able to connect with (and frequently complain to) a company on social media and to receive a prompt and accurate response.

More customers than ever are also now checking a companies reviews before making a decision to purchase.

This means that just a few upset customers can cause absolute carnage on social media channels and review sites by repeat posting, posting half truths or distortions of the genuine situation, or leaving negative reviews against multiple products or locations.

We are experts in triaging, replying and mitigating the impact of negative commentary on public or private channels, and also, of course, happy to answer questions or comments which are more positive in nature.

Each Social Media Management service is entirely bespoke, taking on as much or as little responsibility as you require. Using an approved workflow, tone of voice and response guidelines, we can direct customers to relevant answers, flag issues with your customer service team, alert you to any potential PR issues or social trends we are seeing (for example if a specific location or product is receiving higher numbers of complaints than usual) and present a single, calm and rational, tone of voice response to all of your customers.

Managing multiple social media platforms especially in multiple languages can sometimes feel impossible, but if you do it right it can be amazing for your business.

Caroline – Account Lead & multilingual marketing master

We also wrap this up in a bespoke report at the end of each month, providing numbers, subjects and sentiment split in a way that works for you and your company, as well as additional insights and commentary from our team of experienced handlers.

That’s right, your staff will never have to handle a swear word, d*ck pic or serial abuser again, because we can pick that all up for you.

And even better, working with our partner companies’ native speakers we can do this in all European and most Asian/South American languages.

If a full management service isn’t right for you, then we are happy to assist you with understanding and anticipating areas which need to be managed, creating workflows to do so, setting your social tone of voice and finding an appropriate social or review management solution which can support your needs now and in the future.

Give us a call (or contact us on social media) if you’d like to discuss how we can help you deal with your deluge of social media comments.