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Marketing Consultancy Services

Mar-ket-EENG con-SULT-inc-ee serv-ess-ez


A collection of services designed to enhance or support your existing marketing activities, ensuring that they are properly targeted, budgeted, structured, and are having the desired effect.


marketing support, agency services, external services, marketing help, a helping hand to boost your business to the next level or turn a corner.

Even the most experienced Marketer can’t deliver everything that a brand needs to succeed on a long term basis, and however good your inhouse team it’s likely that there are some things they don’t have time to deliver at the depth you need to see.  Agencies can provide experience and expertise without the need for you to employ additional people in house.

We are happy to offer marketing support, whether that’s strategic, providing solutions to thorny problems or helping with measurement and attribution.

We also have experienced trainers in house who can upskill your team, whether through one-off sessions or ongoing mentorship.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our Digital Marketing Services pages or below, do drop us a line and if we can help, then we’ll be happy to do so!


A Marketing Strategy is key to delivering a cohesive approach to multi channel marketing.

Strategy is not about “using TikTok to show unboxing videos” – that’s tactical. Strategic thinking before these tactics helps the whole team stay on track by explaining the unique benefit that the brand or product delivers to the customer. Translating your business strategy into a Marketing Strategy (or, quite commonly, creating a Marketing Strategy with little business guidance) is often easier with the assistance of a third party who can ask the questions that may not be obvious to an ‘insider’.

Persona Creation

Some Marketeers do not ‘believe’ in personas, but they are actually a cornerstone of a good marketing plan.

Marketing personas are specific to the marketing team, and while they can build on any business personas and user stories that exist, they will contain details specific to your marketing – how your potential customers will be looking to solve their pain points, what type of messaging is likely to resonate, and a wealth of other research which will help your team correctly target the right customer with the right message.

Even if your audience is indeed “everyone”, a persona will help you to understand the nuances within that group. 73-year-old Samuel from Tonbridge will probably not engage in the same way as 14-year-old Sam from Tooting, and they will need to be targeted appropriately.

Budgeting & Financing

Budget allocation across channels, with attributed ROI measurement, accounting for seasonality, or simply pulling into a report which demonstrates the success driven by the Marketing Team in a way that can be presented to the SMT (Senior Management Team), takes time, effort and a good understanding of the best way to get the most out of your budget.

If you’d like some initial suggestions, a sense check from an experienced Account Manager, or a full channel plan and populated report, we’ll be happy to help.


Whether you’d like a one to one session to learn more about GA4, a Generative AI breakdown for your full team, or a deep dive into using video for your marketing, we will be happy to help.

We work with various Growth Hub and Innovation Agencies to deliver training sessions on a range of subjects, and also develop specific training for clients and groups.

Send us a message to see if we can deliver the right training for your team.

Attribution & Measurement

From GA4, to ensuring that your channels are correctly measured and attributed, measurement is a vital part of your Marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for help with your measurement basics, need to
find a way to understand why you are not getting form completions, or want to connect your online activity with offline purchases (ROPO) we will help you to achieve your goals.

Audits and Reviews

We love a good audit – digging into the data behind how a site performs, be it looking at technical details, onsite content, competitor reviews or the quality and velocity of inbound links (yours or your competitors) is a key requisite for Marketing Success and being able to give specific, actionable, advice which will resolve any issues gives us huge satisfaction.

While we use tools to help with our audits and reviews, we do not simply set them running, generate a report and send it over to you. We will always deliver clear outcomes which explain what any issues are, what is causing them (or where to look for answers, if we can’t access what we need), and how to resolve them.

Depending on your/your team’s experience, we will also break this down into less technical language and present it to you as a user friendly deck.

We can even deliver a prioritised list of tickets for your developers, content creators and sys admins, if that’s the best output for you. Our review/audit service is designed to solve your problems, not to give you a long list of new ones which you need to address!