Image of a woman writing the word Samphire in the sand on the beach in Norfolk, UK, framed with a sketch line and overlaid with a hand drawn image of a crab

Pro-Bono Marketing Work

Prow Bow-no


work undertaken without charge


using your skills and expertise to undertake work which makes your heart sing

Everyone at Samphire loves to genuinely help people, and we are happy to talk to non-profits and Third Sector organisations to see if it’s possible to advise you for a reduced fee, or sometimes none at all.

That advice can cover anything from marketing strategy, channel identification, or just a chat about what SEO means for the charity sector.

For example we often find that non-profits simply don’t know that they may be eligible for up to £7,000 per month in free Google ads. You can find out more here – but please do consider getting in touch to speak to us about this – just because it’s free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the absolute best value from it – have a free short chat with one of our team about keywords, persuasive ad copy, tracking what’s working and keeping control of your budgets.