brilliant Project Manager with an eye for detail and a desire to learn everything about the client’s target audience.

Origin: Hebrew
from the verb Din meaning to judge or govern

Dan started working at Samphire in 2021, and works across all channels but with a special focus on paid social media and email marketing. If it needs a testing plan and an analytical approach to ROI, then Dan’s your man.

Proudly Northern, Dan was educated in Keswick so feels right at home at Keswick Hall. He started his career in hospitality and progressed to opening and managing a Starbucks store before realising that his passion was for the marketing rather than the Barista side of the business and then, after moving south, joined Samphire.

He loves to travel and see the great outdoors as much as possible, hopefully soon with a dog of his own. Currently he’s enjoying being ‘Fun Uncle Dan’ to our four legged crew.

What clients say about Dan

Dan is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.  He is creative, enthusiastic and always full of ideas. Dan is someone I can always depend on when I need his help.

What his colleagues say about Dan

Dan is an unflappable patient fella who loves a tracker and a stat!

What Dan says about working @ Samphire

Finding a job where you have a smile on your face and enjoy the day is half the battle and I’ve found that at Samphire