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Why work with Samphire?



two or more people to share responsibility for a business.


working collectively towards a common set of goals or objectives.

When you work with us you get a team that go the extra mile – we’re down to earth, honest and creative. The flake in the ice cream of lifeā€¦

More seriously, we care about delivering great results for a fair fee, and we’re always going to be honest with you.

We know that we’re a small agency in Norfolk. But many of the senior members of the team have a great pedigree working for larger agencies and for big companies. We understand both the benefits and the negatives of working with or for a ‘big agency’ and all feel that while the experience is great, the quality of service you receive is often lesser – the agency ‘stars’ attend pitches and annual all agency reviews, but between times you are left with juniors who often just follow a process and don’t bring any innovation to the account management. At Samphire that doesn’t happen, your Account Lead stays involved with your account on a day to day basis and every staff member brings ideas and innovations to the table.

We work hard for our clients; we have enough to offer staff variety and cross-vertical inspiration but not so many that any client is neglected or their work is rushed through as a box ticking exercise, and most importantly we really do care; when something happens we are there to assist – even when its not strictly ‘our job’. We’ve provided emergency assistance when clients are short staffed, worked overnight to update a website when regulations unexpectedly changed, and filtered enormous amounts of social messaging when Covid caused a crisis for one of our clients.

We think we’re the perfect blend of a small company approachability with a big company skillset.

Why not get in touch and see if we’re the right fit for you?

What people say about us

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“Samphire have always done a fabulous job, but not just that they always keep us informed and up to date”

Davina – Konectbus

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“If it is complicated, tricky, or a little outside the box we always reach out to Samphire because we know they can make it work.”

Kirk – PurEROI