Values preview image of Samphire written in the sand at the beach.

Our Values



Knowing what an individual or business stands for, allowing you to make a decision on whether or not you align with their values and can form a meaningful working relationship.


A way to ensure you are working with people you actually like working with, allowing for open discussion and transference of ideas.

Company values are often just a list of things that a company thinks they should say they care about, noted down on a page and forgotten by everyone.

We have spent quite a lot of time and a huge amount of discussion making sure our values really represent who we are and the company we want to be. Luckily (or perhaps because we have a strong interview process) everyone has a high overlap in their values, and share the key ethos that we feel makes Samphire such a great place to work/company to work with/lovely group of people.

You can read about the process here, and our values are below – call us out if you see us not living up to them – we need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk!

Act Ethically

Honesty, integrity and environmental awareness are important to us. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. This is the sum of a lot of little things but the one big thing that really guides the way we work.

Be Curious

Learning, discovering and problem solving is core to what we do. Learning makes us better at our jobs and more fulfilled as people – we believe in leading a curious life.

Make A Difference

When you do a good job you make a positive change for clients and for your colleagues. Achieving something, making a difference to someone, feels wonderful!

Seize the Day

Be enthusiastic, have adventures, be open to new things. Happy and fulfilled people are great to be around.

Be Mindful

Be aware of your feelings, of others and of the world around us. There are many ways to be successful.