SAM-fur / SAM-fire – regional preference

a team of talented marketers, with years of experience, a strong desire to succeed and passion for delivering great results.


a fresh and tenacious plant, of the parsley family, which flourishes on rocks and cliffs by the sea. Its aromatic leaves are a tasty vegetable often used in high end cooking.

Who are Samphire?

Samphire are a deliberately small marketing agency in Norfolk. That may seem like a strange statement but by staying small, we can stay bespoke for our clients no matter how large they are or how complicated their challenges are. We rely on the people in the business not just being excellent digital marketers but our type of people, who can look at things differently and come up with creative solutions for a wide range of clients across multiple sectors and industries.

What do Samphire Do?

In terms of what we do, well we always ask the question “what do you need?” we don’t like the term ‘full service’ but our team has a wide range of experience and expertise so the honest answer is we do what you need us to do to help you reach your business goals.

If you need some more specific details you can see the full range of our marketing services below.

Samphire’s Marketing Services