A team of marketers flying kites on the beach in Cromer as a team

Meet The Team



anything can be a talent and anyone can be talented, but finding the right collection of people with the right talents who can work together, well that is a talent in its own right.

The Samphire team may be a small group – there are currently 8 non-furry members of the team – but the whole team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds, not just professionally but also culturally, and internationally.

You may end up working with any number of these wonderful people if you become one of our clients and every one of them brings something to the table to help your business.

Give them a click to find out more about them, or skip the people and find out more about the fluffier (literally) side of Samphire, we won’t judge.

The fabulous Samphire team

And the four legged ones