Image of the word Samphire written in the sand on a beach in Norfolk, UK, framed with a sketch line and overlaid with a hand drawn image of samphire

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dee, Eee, Iye

the organisational framework which represents our commitment to everyone Samphire engages with to treat them fairly and ethically.

verb (Greek)

meaning things that are necessary

It’s important to us that our team feels supported, included, and fully valued whatever their background, race or experience. This is reflected in our company values and in how we all try to live our lives, and should be equally representative of our working lives.

As a small company we cannot expect to be exactly representative of the world around us, but we can offer an inclusive environment where every person is appreciated for the unique experiences they bring to the company, as much as for their qualifications and industry experience. We are, after all, marketing to a world of equally unique individuals.

To help create an environment where people can achieve their full potential and feel comfortable being their true selves, we are working on three key areas:

We’re not only committed to hiring the right people for every job, but to creating better and more inclusive job descriptions, and to attract a wide range of applicants by removing potential biases in our interview process and salary offers.

We’re actively looking for a broad range of backgrounds and lived experiences as colleagues to make us more representative and better marketers, and people. We support our staff by providing access to education and experiences that help them overcome challenges and roadblocks to achieve the goals that they have set themselves.

As part of this, we’re striving to make our systems, processes, and policies inclusive and understandable to all.

We want to make everyone feel happy in the workplace and that this is an office free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions. We encourage open discussion of feelings and ideas, with opportunities to listen and share experiences for everyone. If someone prefers not to be involved in any discussion then we’ll respect that decision.

We know that we can’t change the world alone, but where we can help by making things a bit better we’ll do anything we can to support that.

We don’t always feel the need to jump on every social media bandwagon. As a company we’re conscious that greenwashing or sending emails about equality is not only meaningless but perhaps harmful unless we can really walk the walk, and we’re probably not there yet.

But we are here, quietly supporting movement towards a democratic and fair world for all.

We have a long way to go, we’re learning every day, but if we can improve just a little with each new thing we learn and invest in the journey, then hopefully, one day, we’ll be where we need to be.

We’ll embrace where you’re from, what you look like, how old you are, what pronouns you use, who you worship, who you fancy (or, indeed, you may not fancy anyone) how educated you are or what challenges you’re tackling in life, we just expect that you do your job to the level that has been agreed by us all, and treat everyone with respect and empathy.