Social Media Marketing

So-shul mee-dee-AH Mar-ket-EENG


engaging with your audiences across the correct social media platforms creating a two way conversation and building a community with organic content alongside opportunities for paid targeted marketing.


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Social Media Marketing really is for everyone – but only if you consider your target audience, goals and what measurements you need to judge success.

It’s no longer true to say “my audience is over 50 so they don’t use social media” – in fact the over 50s are in some cases the prime users of social channels which might previously have been considered the realm of younger generations. Did you know that in the US 50% of the Tik-Tok audience in 2021 were aged 30+ (Statista US)

It’s also not true to say that social media marketing can’t be tracked and can’t be profitable. It is often true to say though that purely organic social media, while offering a great opportunity to engage with customers, rarely delivers a positive ROI alone.

doing social media right is important, just being on social media isn’t enough, you need to know how to communicate with your audience.

Almeera – Project Coordinator, TikTok and Taylor Swift Advocate.

Working from a strong organic presence and using personas alongside a planned testing strategy, it is possible not only to reach your target audience but also to engage them and persuade them to buy from you. Obviously, in the case of a reasonably cheap spontaneous purchase completed in one session online, this is relatively easy to instigate and track. In the case of a high value multi-visit purchase this is more difficult and can take more time to crack both targeting and tracking challenges, but it can be done.

The bottom line of all social media activity is whether it delivers value to the brand. In some cases that value is primarily in Customer management and satisfaction, in others it can meet or even exceed sales targets with some care and attention.