wonderful Project Co-ordinator specialising in finding opportunities to create organic inbound links.

Origin: Greek
From the Greek age, meaning “earth” and ergon, meaning “work” 

After a Philosophy degree from UEA and an internship as a content writer/social media manager for a Pharma company, George found himself being drawn into the world of digital content writing, social media management and SEO, and continued to write online and educational learning materials for the Pharmacy and Medical sector. 

As part of this work he supplied digital PR services to his freelance clients which made him brilliantly qualified for our SEO PR and earned content management focussed role in 2021. Working with the rest of the team to ensure that everything we do is optimised towards maximising client exposure, he’s the king of media coverage.

An avid bookworm, as well as a lover of museums, galleries, cinema and hiking, George has given live readings of his work at poetry and literary nights. Although we have to say, beneath that measured, thoughtful persona belies his sometimes mischievous sense of humour.

What clients say about George

Working with George is excellent. He keeps on top of PR opportunities and ensures we are hitting as many big publications as possible. Some of our main wins so far, like Yahoo Finance, US News and Readers Digest, have been thanks to George.

What his colleagues say about George

George is a deep thinker, walking thesaurus, and you can count on him for a random quip

What George says about working @ Samphire

It’s great being part of a welcoming and supportive team – but some of the things I’ve seen doing link approvals…