Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


creating the perfect balance of on and off-page optimisation to allow your website to rank highly in the SERPs for the right searches, made by people likely to buy what you’re selling.


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SEO is not complicated – it’s putting the right content, in the right amount, in the right format, on a web page and getting some links to give it some authority. 

That does make what we do sound very simple, so let’s explain a little more, because it’s not quite that easy!

For a typical e-commerce site we would start by looking at your strategy and product range – who are you selling to, what are you selling, and what assets and/or time and resources do you have to deliver the best possible SEO for your site?  From here, we can do keyword research that not only targets the right people, but also targets them at the right stage in the purchase funnel, and create a plan which delivers against your goals whilst still being viable within your resource budget.

Keyword mapping against your existing site may reveal either internal cannibalisation or keyword gaps (and often both). Aligned with competitor analysis we can help you to resolve these issues and deliver the right content, in the right format, and to do it better than your competitors.

From here your on page optimisation – which includes everything from optimising page titles and meta descriptions, through to internal linking, schema markup, a historic page cull (only if required!), or even a full rearrangement of the navigation if necessary, can be actioned.

We make what we do sound very simple, but that’s because we have years of experience and we can demonstrate results, so our clients trust us – we don’t need to complicate it.

Denise – Samphire Founder and SEO since Alta Vista

It’s also important that a technical audit is undertaken to understand if there are issues with either the website code or server which may be impacting on your SEO. A backlink review will also reveal if there are likely to be any problems with your link profile which should be addressed.

So – it’s a little more complex now than it was back in the nineties; we need to consider EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust) and MUM (MultiTask Unified Model), CWV (Core Web Vitals), and even AI-driven SGE (Search Generative Experience), as well as peering into our crystal ball to see what Google is likely to consider next – which is why it really is a full-time job for experts to tackle, not something that can be learnt on a week-long course or by attending a couple of conferences.

Our team have been promoting sites with SEO since before Google existed! Yes back in the days of Alta Vista when a certain little search engine running from a garage was just getting started. We have experience of preventing penalties, getting sites out of penalties, launching sites, transferring domains, and delivering good quality SEO – always with a view to the future and delivering advice and hands-on actions which will not only serve a site well now, but also into the future.

Whether you want a stand-alone SEO service to support your in-house team (from an audit with actionable and detailed tickets as output, through to keyword research for your new range of products) or are looking for a full digital marketing package with SEO as a service within this, we’d be happy to talk to you about how we can help.