fabulous Account Lead who loves deep diving into the reasons behind any issues and presenting a solution.

Origin: Italian, French, Germanic and Scottish
Meaning: Feminine version of Charles, meaning “strong,” “free woman,” or “song of happiness”

Caroline joined the team in 2019, answering what we felt might be a rather optimistic ad for a native German speaking SEO to join our team. Sometimes, things just work out wonderfully!

With a Master’s degree in Journalism, a Bachelors in Romance Languages and Ethnology from Vienna University, and having most recently been a Photo and Content Editor at, Caroline is a multilingual, multi-talented, seo-rockstar (just an in joke for the old-time SEO’s there) with extensive experience in band photography working with metal bands around the world as well as at

When she’s not releasing her inner geek on some technical analysis she can usually be found crafting hand made dog tags, taking amazing photographs and loudly supporting Liverpool FC.

What clients say about Caroline

She’s a very dedicated professional. Her superb ability to maintain and improve vital KPIs along with her talent to produce and maintain easily readable documentation are a very integral part of the wellbeing of our domains 

What her colleagues say about Caroline

She’s a natural SEO, and loves to dig around to find what’s causing an issue or what can be tweaked to improve a ranking

What Caroline says about working @ Samphire

What do I love most? Ahrefs, bringing the dog to the office and making Alexa skip bad songs