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Email Marketing

eee-male MAR-ket-ting


communicating with your customers and potential customers via email in a way that is not annoying, engages your audience in the right way, and enables you to offer the right service or product to the right person at the right time.


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Email marketing has become a cornerstone of marketing communications for businesses over the past few decades and continues to be the chosen form of direct marketing for businesses, whether that is for customer communication, prospecting, or conversions.

We’ve all engaged with email marketing in our day-to-day life, so everybody will have some preconceptions on the tool, but the fact remains that it is the most effective and efficient way to connect with multiple people at one time including both prospective and existing customers/clients.

Success comes from managing the campaigns correctly, knowing your audience, and tailoring the content to best suit your audience’s needs. This can be achieved in two ways: one off emails either in line with events/promotional activities to specific audience groups, or lead nurturing campaigns to walk prospective customers/clients through the customer journey.

Carefully planned lead nurturing campaigns shouldn’t be annoying, they should be genuinely helpful to customers and businesses alike.

Dan – Operational Manager, advocate for less annoying, more helpful email campaigns.

Simply, its the process of cultivating your audience through a series of touch points to promote engagement based on their current place in the customer journey. 

A potential customer would make an enquiry via your website, or directly in-store, on chat, or through a phone call, they would then be added to a marketing campaign to email them at intervals with specific messages, each of which is created to trigger engagement or call to action.

You probably also receive simple lead nurturing emails yourself if you look at products or add to your basket on some of your favourite websites – does “did you forget something”, or “just for you – 10% off” ring any bells? 

This allows your business to continually engage with your audience pre & post-conversion, on a regular basis until they complete a pre-set action to remove them from or move them to the next stage of the process, freeing your sales or customer service team to focus on other tasks whilst lead-nurturing works for them in the background.

That may sound complicated, especially if you aren’t particularly ‘techy’, but the process can be integrated into most CRM systems or Email platforms such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

All you need is a good understanding of your audience personas, a marketing list, and the help of Samphire’s email marketing campaign experts to start taking your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Let us know your email marketing ideas , or ask us for inspiration, and our team will be happy to work with you to turn them into a reality.