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Paid Search Management

Pay-d Sur-ch Man-age-MENT


using Paid Search Platforms such as Microsoft and Google Ads to deliver visibility on Search Engine result pages (SERPs) and guarantee visibility for your desired search keywords at a cost per click.


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Whilst Google Ads (and other search engines) offer a wide range of paid marketing services, the most popular of these continues to be Paid Search Marketing – paid placement on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This is certainly the quickest way to get to the ‘top’ of the SERPs and can be delivered across a variety of sectors and budgets.

Of course, we know that Google (and Microsoft/Bing) want your money – for example 95% of google revenue comes from advertising. The benefit of the PPC model is that they only receive that money if they deliver a click.

Short answer, yes.

No matter your product, your audience or your budget if people are searching for it (or searching for things related to it) then there is a paid search marketing campaign for you. The trick is ensuring you attract the right visitors, using the right keywords, to the right landing pages, to increase your chances of conversion.

If you want more control of how your business is showing on google and want to know exactly how much a click or conversion costs then Paid Search Marketing might be just the thing you are looking for!

Mike – Account lead, really likes measurables and statistics.

As paid search also demonstrates a directly trackable ROI, you can see how much each visitor costs you, how much each search term costs per visitor, and go even further into tracking and ROI to measure the exact cost of a conversion depending on your choice of campaign. Pmax (available, indeed some may say “pushed” on both Bing and Google) has made this a little more complicated but yes, it is still possible to measure from keyword to conversion – if you setup your campaign to do so.

It’s important not to allow search engines to helpfully auto-optimise your account. While this works well for some companies, it removes not only control but also information from your reach – you don’t know which keywords have driven sales, for example. That’s pretty fundamental.

We also find that a high percentage of our clients can save at least 30% of their paid search spend to deliver at least the same number of conversions. It’s not magic, it’s not illegal, and it’s not hard to implement. It just takes a bit of thought.

Run properly, you can also target the visitor with remarketing campaigns, to continue to lure them back in once they have left your site. 

The team at Samphire can help at every stage from campaign planning to Ad Management and budget optimisation. We’re here to hear your campaign plans and ideas so feel free to contact us and we can discuss making paid search work for you and your business.