UX and Webdesign preview image featuring signs in front of a stone wall.

UX and WEB Design

Yew-EX and web dee-zine


understanding the user requirements and journey through a website to facilitate conversions and deliver a website that is fit for purpose and meets user needs.


website usability and accessibility, websites that are both functional and pretty, websites that work

We confess, we don’t do UX and Web Design in house – we know our skillset and this isn’t part of it. However, we play well with UX and Web Design companies, and understand the challenges required to both provide a great customer journey onsite and also bring customers to the website in the first place – which is where we do come into our own!

Marketing needs two skills to perform strongly working with web design and UX companies: understand how to create a comprehensive (but not prescriptive) spec for your/our web design needs, and appreciate the need to compromise.

Designing a website should always start with understanding your customers, your potential customers and what your business is looking to achieve in the future – we can help here with everything from creating personas through to assisting with your user stories to help design a perfect website. Working with your developers we can spec the inclusion of schema.org, recommend use of appropriate CMS’s, plugins and add-ons, assist with creating trigger points for inbuilt trigger based marketing, and suggest the best type of content to serve various needs on the user journey.

Our insights into page speed and user experience as viewed by Google may help shape the design and code base used for your website, and when and where social media and customer validation is included in your sales journey.

And we can also work to ensure that geotargeting and personalisation is appropriately delivered to ensure that search engines crawl and index the site correctly. That news is picked up and distributed by search engines and social news channels. That content behind paywalls is appropriately managed to ensure that search benefit is not lost.

Whether you choose to work with us or with another marketing agency, please involve them at the design stage for your website – it will probably reduce the need for retro-fitted solutions which every so often happens when even very good development teams are asked to work with a spec that doesn’t fully consider SEO and other marketing needs.