awesome Exec who can tame a spreadsheet and find the relevant data to make the right decisions.

Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: Visionary, or possessing of inner wisdom and insight

A degree in Social Psychology and a wealth of social media marketing experience makes Dristy seem a natural for the social and content side of the business, but, as she told us when we interviewed her, she “really really likes data”

Which is perfect for us as we get the best pf all worlds – working across client accounts and all channels supporting our Account Leads by analysing, organising, researching and managing everything from articles to reports. To date we haven’t found anything that she can’t tackle with a smile.

Fluent in three  languages, but totally unable to whistle (and keeping us amused as she learns!) she’s a keen solo traveller and recently returned from her latest adventure spending three months in Asia revisiting old haunts and finding new places to explore.

What clients say about Dristy

She really does know how to get the important stuff out of the nonsense, doesn’t she?

What her colleagues say about Dristy

Dristy is quick to learn, often lending a helping hand and always has a spark about her! 

What Dristy says about working @ Samphire

I’m grateful to be part of a supportive and friendly team – plus there’s the added perk of everyone bringing back snacks from their trips!